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Jugal Association Nepal


Jugal Association Nepal is formed by the wholehearted youths from different quarters with the sacred intention for positive transformation of society on 25 Bhadra 2063. This non governmental organization has not intention to earn profit and is formally registered in District Administration Office (DAO) at Dhulikhel of Kavre district.

Long term concept

The concept of Jugal Association Nepal (JAN) is to establish proportionate, prosper and inclusive Nepali Society with higher human norms and values as well as physical and ideologically succeed.


Jugal Association Nepal will be as a campaigner to set up proportionate, prosper and inclusive Nepali Society with higher human norms and values with both substantially and ideologically succeed.


Jugal Association Nepal is formed as a strong campaigner to establish proportionate, prosperous and inclusive Nepali society with higher norms and values of substantial and ideologically thriving.


Jugal Association Nepal aims to work of as follows:

1.   It will launch community radio, community television and other works related to communication on the concept of communication for development, further progress and economic prosperity strengthening the consciousness level of community.

2.   The organization aims to work in different sectors such as education, health, environment, agriculture, indigenous people, dalit, woman, human rights, culture and philosophy.

3.   Jugal Association will launch various campaigns in all level of state where endangered and marginalized community will be approached in mainstream of development.

4.   It builds peace, harmony, brotherhood, combined psychology for democratic society with higher human norms and values.

5.   Jugal Association discloses investigative and awareness program publishing books and broadcasting documentaries. It aims to protect art, literature and culture of indigenous people and endangered community.

Working Field:

This organization initiates its activities across the country.

Activities of Jungal Association Nepal

1.   Establishment of community radio

Jugal Association Nepal has been launching Radio Namobuddha FM 106.7 Mega Hertz. The radio was established on 12 Ashoj 2063 as a first community service radio in Kavre and surrounding districts. The radio broadcasts its program for 13 hours in a day. It has been inspiring for information, education, community benefit and development on the concept of community communication.

The radio is inevitability established in Kavre and surrounding 12 districts. Community members are involved and supported for it. The radio gives priority to education, awareness, inspiration and development rather than entertainment. It is focusing the program related to woman, indigenous, endangered community, local development and cultural protection, agriculture, public health, peace, ethnic unity and harmony.

The management committee is co-operating local organizations as well as the government and non governmental organizations in Kathmandu. Partnership Organizations for producing program are Antenna Foundation Nepal, Equal Excess Nepal, BBC world service trust, US Aid Nepal, Nepal Environmental journalist Group, Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (ACORAB).

2.   Peace, ethnic harmony and unity campaign

Radio Namobuddha established by Jugal Association Nepal has completed its five month campaign for ethinic harmony and unity. The program, continued till December 15 had been launched in 3 municipalities (Dhulikhel, Banepa, Panuati) and 7 VDCs (Ryale, Kushadevi, Balthali, Shyampati, Sarsukharka, Sathighar Palanchok, Chandeswari Nala) of Kavre District. Thousands of people participated in campaign with the concert on peace and Harmony. In each concert, two were national artists, local Folk songs team, Dance group and drama team of 7 members performed.   

Local community, ideologue, right activists, journalist and civilian society praised the program broadcast by Radio Namobuddha and told that it was effective to build peace, ethnic harmony and unity. 

Board Of Jugal 


Founder  Chair Person          : Phulman Bal 

Chair Person                           : Jagat Dong Tamang

Vice Chair Person                   : Bhakta Syangtan

Secreatary                                : Huindra Ranamagar

Treasure                                    : Suryamaya Danuwar 

Member                                      : Indira Yonjan 

Member                                      : Tulasha Waiba 

Member                                      :  Manisha Gauchan

Member                                      : Sirjana Goley