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Radio Namobudda FM 106.7 Mega Hertz


To establish proportionate, prosperous and inclusive model society by distributing national, international and local basic information and knowledge.


Radio Namobudhha is established and active as thriving means of information for social, cultural and political empowerment in Kavre and surrounding districts.


Radio Namobuddha is established as the means of social, cultural and political awakening in community.


Radio Namobuddha is media for inclusive campaigner.

Directive Principle :

Inclusive Society with Ethnic Diversity:

It produces the program for supporting to maintain social and communal harmony and peace. It respects ethnic diversity.

Gender and Social equality:  

Radio Namobuddha creates program to promote equal culture which sets up rights oriented programs and uplifts people including woman, poor, deprived, backward and suppressed community in particular.

Buddhist Philosophy:

Admiring Buddhist philosophy as directive principle to raise peaceful, prosper and inclusive society, Radio Namobuddha produces and broadcasts knowledge oriented program which is expected to manage the social conflict.

Sustainable local development and Environment protection:

Radio Namobuddha puts on air special program for sustainable development and environment protection.

Emphasis on local economy and products:

Radio Namobuddha gives emphasis on local economy and its production for self dependence of local community with broadcasting the program related to them.

Information Rights:

Radio Namobuddha commits to implement in practice for advocating basic rights of information which is based on education for all and two way communication system.

Efforts of change:

New idea, technology, knowledge, skills and concepts to audience supports for social change that is acknowledged by Radio Namobuddha.

Emphasis on Education and Health:

Radio Namobuddha stresses for life utility education and health program to create self employment.